Tonight I am drawn to write about allowing. The word allow indicates that one is taking an action to do something. To me this word holds so much power in our lives. It in and of itself can bring about the most negative and the most life changing and profound changes in any one persons life.

I can only speak from my own limited personal experience and say all of the above has occurred in my life. Many think that life itself happens TO us, when in fact life is nothing more than our reactions to things happening around us. The key is how we allow ourselves to interact with life and the world around us.

We can allow ourselves to be all consumed of the affairs of others, (and I mean the lives of others). We can give away our power to another when we allow them to consume us with thoughts of envy, of hate, of division. We are making a choice here by allowing another to rent space in our minds and hearts.

When we sit back and simply allow people to be who they are and realize that the battles they fight are never about me or you, but about themselves. We can simply acknowledge it and allow them to be who they are and not allow another to ultimately control our thoughts, wishes and desires. This is, in my humble opinion, much easier said than done. I’m human and make this mistake as well.

When we can allow for the Universe to unfold in front of us what it sees fit is where some of the most beautiful and miraculous things happen. Again they don’t happen to us but around us. This act takes a great deal of courage and faith in knowing that all will be well, no matter what.

When we can just allow life to unfold instead of living in the illusion that we have complete control is one of the most freeing feelings there is. Make no mistake, we do have the power to alter our paths and creating space for things to occur in which to bring a desired result. But we can never fully control the ultimate outcome.

So when we allow, allow life, we can live in the most peaceful of ways. Knowing that all will be well, and we are allowing our journey to literally unfold and reveal itself right before our very eyes.

© 2019