Today I was inspired to write about the heart, or my heart more specifically. The heart in general can such a touchy subject matter, often wavering between the physical and the non-physical. I reference my heart today, as well as my soul in the non-physical form.. Funny thing with hearts, they can be so fragile, yet so resilient.

Souls, this is what really leads my topic today. I think souls seek out to find balance in the Universe, meaning they seek out other souls unlike them. Most would probably disagree with the above but think about it for a moment…If our heart and souls sought out something similar or the same it never presents a challenge. No challenge equals no growth.

Think about it like this, if you consistently surround yourself with people who think, act, and believe exactly as you do, there is nothing there to challenge our intellect. I believe most surround themselves with sameness because its comfortable. This is where the mundane and the ordinary lye. It is outside of this comfort zone where real growth and evolution happen. If there were never any questions then how can there possibly be any growth? Both mentally and spiritually? I believe our souls, when we really listen to them do the same thing. They have to evolve and grow. It does not mean your chosen soul has to be challenging in a negative way, although it can be at times. But it challenges who we think we should be. When our souls lead us to who we really are and who we are to become.

Go back to the thought of comfortable. Change and growth lies in the areas of discomfort, which most humans cannot stand, unless they are willing to follow their heart and soul to the one that will promote this very growth and evolution it seeks.

Funny how people can be so very similar and yet so very different. It is actually in the differences where the balance lies. I know this can be hard to comprehend but if you have two people on the same side of a see-saw, its just going to stay there. But, one on each end balances it out, although it may wax and wane, it becomes balanced. I call this the spice of our life. It makes life interesting, fun, different and yes sometimes challenging. I have to remind myself sometimes it is here where growth is. It, my soul, knows what it needs, I just have to make sure that I always continue to listen and follow it. These differences are not meant to change or sway one another to our own opinions, they are simply there for continued growth and evolution. In my limited personal experience it is in the growth where life continues to be amazing, amazingly different, amazingly fun, and amazingly challenging.

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