Amidst the pandemic of COVID-19 many of us are forced to shelter in place, forced to close business, and/or self quarantine. I can say from personal experience with all of the above that it can be quite challenging despite your particular personality.

We all have our own individual needs for time to ourselves as well as with our loved ones. When we are forced to to something out of the norm it can be so easy to find all that’s wrong with the situation, be it work or relationships. Between the news and social media it’s so easy to get caught up in the downside of what we have been forced to do. When this becomes the case we start looking for all that’s wrong with everything and everyone around us, especially those we live with.

We begin to find fault with everything around us. I can say “we” because I am just a guilty. I like to admit my humanness because I am superior to no one, and like to share learning experiences along the journey of life. So yes I am guilty for learning something through all of this. When we constantly look for things to be wrong or not to our own liking we will ALWAYS find it, no matter who or what it is.

Wanting something takes on a whole different persona when it becomes our focus. Think of it as intention or manifestation. The more attention something is given the more it becomes our reality. So back to relationships and being forced to shelter in place or loss of a job, the easiest thing to do is look for all that’s wrong. It becomes a challenge to want to see the right in what stands before us.

It’s easy to find fault, but I have learned that we have to WANT to see the good, be it qualities, actions, or otherwise. When we are forced into confinement we must, or at minimum, I must want to find the good. Go back to intention or manifestation, that which we focus on becomes our reality, by focusing on the good, and more importantly, wanting to see the good especially in another, the more we see, the more it becomes our reality.

May we all want to find the good in everyone and everything around us. It all starts on an individual level. From there we touch those around us and they touch those around them. It doesn’t take long to reach massive amounts of people.


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