Time in and of itself is a man made construct in which to place limitations on that which we can accomplish in a set time frame. Usually a 24 hour period which defines a day. Although there are some of us who do not live life by the man made definitions of time, it still exists, especially in our work days, our day to day activities and time spent with our family and or loved ones.

Having said that, from someone who dislikes time and it’s constraints, there are certain things that we all need during the previously stated 24 hour time period. Need might be a strong word, but who and where we choose to give and make time. Things that are important on a daily basis if you will.

As it relates to these predetermined times frames I think as humans we need to look at those time constraints, whether we subscribe to them or not, and determine what is most important during these times. It is a given that having fun, laughing, and doing things we enjoy is a part of this. Activities that bring us joy and support our passion, or are therapeutic are most certainly a necessity.

Those who have yet to experience the exact limitation of time have a tendency to place how it is spent with activities, self preservation, and doing things from a selfish perspective. These things fill a temporary void that exists within all of us, but still a necessary part of existence. Those are things that bring temporary satisfaction, but quickly go away. Therein lies the need to do it again, but without consideration of another.

Those of us who have actually experienced the true limitations of time, and the finality that comes with it, tend to view time a bit different, not only time, but how it is spent. As hard as it is I wish all could experience the finality of time, and what comes after. Well, an altered perspective of time and how it is spent and dedicated. It’s a perspective that few experience at an early age and gives the ability to see it in a whole new light.

It begins with how me make time for not only ourselves, but others. It has a way of changing how and where we choose to dedicate our time. Yes dedication of time for ourselves is of utmost importance, but we begin to dedicate time to those who are important in our lives, like family and loved ones. We begin to place importance on making that time for those people, and not using all the time for our own selfish needs.

The importance of how our time is dedicated can really only be learned through experience. It can be told, it can be read, it can even be taught, but it’s value never becomes relevant until we have experienced the finality of time of another human being, especially a loved one. It’s only then when we realize the value of time spent.

It is only in this experience when we truly learn the value of actually making time for others and not ourselves. This is not a flaw of any human but something that has to be learned. I can only wish that I could teach all those I love the value of time spent.

May we all see what is going on around us and really consider the time we spend and how we spend it. It’s obvious that we never know when the finality of time will occur to someone you know or love. Be kind, be loving, and be grateful for every moment spent with those you love. More important, make and take the time to show them just how much they matter.


© 2020