Our gifts


Tonight, I have been inspired to write about gifts, to be more specific, the gifts we have either received or become aware of. In my limited personal experience, it has been the gift I have become aware of. My gift is the gift of writing.

I did not become aware of this gift until 5 years ago when a series of life altering events occurred in my life. It was then when I began to evaluate what happened in my life and began to journal about those events. After a short period of time I began to realize that I had been given a gift of writing, one in which I had not become aware of until that very moment.

I began to write of love and the wisdom I had gained from life experiences. I came to realize that what I was putting on paper, or typing, was beyond my years. It was then, and only then, when I realized that I had something to give, something to share. It has now become my purpose to share with any and all who will listen the importance of love and acceptance for all, no matter what their personal beliefs are.

I had been bestowed a gift of sharing my life’s experiences with all who would listen as it relates to love and oneness. I feel the need to write about love, simply because it is the opposite of hate, something we have too much of today. I write of oneness simply because we have so much division in our daily lives portrayed upon us today.

Hate and division will completely destroy a nation, if not the whole world as we know it. I simply do not understand why we must take sides with every action that is placed before us by our people and our governments. I know in my heart that any division created within a country makes the people of that country more reliant on the government, or those that rule the nation.

I think we have all heard the phrase” a divided country we will fall and united we will stand”. I am of the belief that all people as a whole are starting to see the truth that lies before them, we all come from the same place, the same people. If we were to look at it from a biblical standpoint, we ALL came from Adam and Eve.

I am not stating that I simply subscribe to Christianity as a whole, but I do subscribe to Humanity, and loving-kindness. If we could only open our eyes just a little wider and understand that all religious beliefs are derived from the same principle of nothing other than love. In the end, they all teach love, unity, oneness and kindness.

As a human race, non-secular, we can succeed in moving past our differences, and move towards a more unified body as a whole. This can be very hard to conceive when we rely on TV and social media as our only outlet for news. The media will give to you what they want you to believe, it has been proven time and time again. Social media has been able to tap into your likes and dislikes and continue to place in front of you that which you subscribe to and allows for no other opinion other than that which you believe.

I will quote something I heard today, “That which you focus on will be your life”. In other words, if you continue to focus on lack and need, you will always lack and need. If you continue to focus on division, you will always be divided, seeing only black and white, so to speak. There is no need to create animosity or differences among people of different backgrounds or religions or opinions for that matter, we should simply seek the similarities that we all have. We all, and this is an assumption, seek to live a happy, peaceful, and rewarding life.

This in and of itself can take up an entire page, so I will keep this limited. It all depends on our definitions of happy, peaceful and rewarding life. I do know that we can all agree on basic principles of living which include living in a peaceful environment, happy without seeing others in pain or suffering, and rewarding in knowing that we are giving back to humanity in some fashion. Happy, well that depends on what each one of us defines as “Happy”. I can say that when I can experience all of the above then I am happy.

I am of the belief that we can all achieve this by seeking the similarities we have instead of the differences. I go back to that which we focus on, when we seek nothing but differences, we will always see them. When we look for similarities in humankind, we will always see them. All it takes is to open our eyes a little bit wider to see that we all have a common goal; to live in peace and happiness.

I will end by saying that I cannot name a single person who seeks happiness by living in a divided land full of war and poverty, it simply cannot exist. I cannot name a person who seeks peace by living in a divided land, it simply cannot exist.

When we ultimately think that we are better than another human being, we are not seeking peace, we are seeking control. When we think that money will buy all the happiness we can stand, ask those who are genuinely happy without it. May we find that it all exists within the simplicity of our daily lives. That is, in my limited personal experience, where ultimate peace from within lies.

Namaste~ my friends

© 2019