When most think of the word service, one of the first things that comes to mind is laborious. When we serve our fellow man or our loved ones, it does not have to be labor intensive. When we serve others from a place of Love, of Kindness, it no longer becomes like work. What some fail to realize is that when we serve others, the rewards we get are so much greater. Not monetarily, but it rewards the heart. One of the most rewarding feelings there is, is to give and serve without others knowing. In my opinion, this fills the heart more than anything else and from a Universal standpoint, it will, and it must return to the giver, more often than not 10 fold, even 100 fold. This has been my personal experience. Asking our Loved ones, what can I do for you? Sends a message of genuine and sincere caring, and selflessness. Since I am human I must also remember that people use words as well as actions to express this. And we must remember that although it may not be reciprocated the same exact way, its sincerity should not be questioned. Basically…having an expectation. If we choose to live a life without expectations, we will never be let down or disappointed. Our humanness and our egos will ultimately always try to set them, and when we become aware of this, we continue to evolve to a place of consciousness, being present in the moment.

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