One of my more recent submissions in a book was entitled “Why we Exist”. It was about the interactions that a friend and I had over the course of several years. It culminated in the eventual experience of him also suddenly losing his wife. I wrote about the impact our words can have on another human being, and how we may never know the effects our words can have on another.

I find today my heart breaking for him again as he has also suddenly lost his brother. I do not know the circumstances in which it happened, but it did. He is one of several people in the last few weeks that have lost a loved one or sibling, not necessarily caused by the current COVID-19 virus.

Although heart-wrenching it reminds to continue to be kind to those around us. Let our words come from a place of love instead of indifference or hate. Let us all use these as a lesson to treat each and every human we come into contact with compassion, acceptance, and love. We never know when it will be the last time they may hear our words.

No matter the case make sure if it is the last time, especially since we don’t know, that they are words of love and kindness. Being present in our interactions, and treating another like there is no tomorrow, can truly make all the difference in their world should they transition from being human to being pure spirit.

The difference is actually two-fold. One, we know that we will have no regrets as it relates to how we treated another human being, especially knowing that we will never have the opportunity to make a simple apology, or to right our wrongs. Secondly, you may have just provided them with the kind words they needed in order to leave in peace.

By doing so we are allowing that person to transition believing in the human being and the potential kindness that resides within us all, should we choose to acknowledge and use it. Something as simple as being completely present, instead of on our cell phones, and immersed in the interaction and the words spoken can have profound effects on another. It can provide them with hope for all of humanity.

So, with the COVID-19 affecting so many lives, may we all take this time to be just a little kinder, compassionate, and understanding of others, especially if perceived differently from us. We all come from the same place, and now is not a time for division.

Who knows, it just may well be the last thing we hear from someone before our own transition from earthly to spiritual beings. Those words that come from a place of love and kindness from another may just be the peace we need when we pass, giving us hope for humanity and that people have the potential to be loving, kind, and compassionate.

Use this time to think about how we treat others, and may we all learn from it, grow from it, and practice it.

© 2020