I sit today and wonder at how our minds and subconscious try and tell us things about ourselves that need to be addressed. My particular mind has been on overtime as of late and decided to take a rest yesterday. Funny thing, it happens about 2 days before a full moon. What I have found is that it ONLY happens when I am more in tune, more awake, more aware, and overall consciously living.

In my opinion the mind is connected to a conscious universe that will put in place that which we think into it. As a direct result the mind can also tell us things that we need to know, and some we don’t. These can be sometimes hard to see or recognize and can come in many forms. This is where being awake enough to recognize it and do something about it comes into play. First it must be considered if it really does have some significant value. We, dare I say, ALWAYS, have two choices…to discard it, or to recognize it and address it. If we find that is has value then, and only then can we address it.

I know I may seem a bit vague here, but these things really come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, thoughts, people, dreams, deja vu moments. As far as addressing whatever it may be, that is solely up to us if we want to continue to grow. Many of the things placed before us are for that very reason, growth. It may be mental, physical, or spiritual. I might add that growth is not always a pleasant thing. In fact, in most cases, there is some pain associated with it, hence the phrase “growing pains”. Our minds, subconsciously and otherwise, try to get us to see certain things it feels it needs to continue to evolve.

We rarely remain in a constant state, other than the constant state of flux. I am of the opinion that our minds really do feed the soul. The soul could be considered as the ultimate recipient of the growth involved. I always say the only constant in life is that of change.

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