I am compelled to write about this subject because there are things that happen around us that remind us of just how fragile life can be. I think it must be said that these reminders vary from the simple day to day things to the complexities of death. I love to write from a place of sharing some wisdom, but I think its equally important to write about my humanness as well. I am no better or worse than the next. I learn lessons, I make mistakes, but I do try to learn from them and be a better human in the process.

These things are placed before us to remind us of the importance of presence in our daily lives. I mean being fully present in those simple daily interactions we take for granted. Are we really giving someone our full attention? Are we really doing our best to show those we say we love that we do in fact really love them?

These sometimes hard reminders, are there to remind us of the above. How can we continue to grow and evolve unless we open our eyes wide enough to learn these little hard lessons that come our way? Yes they are hard, some more so than others. We have to be receptive enough, and also willing enough, to see them for what they are…teaching and guiding moments. God they are hard and sometimes they hurt. When they do hurt is when growth occurs. This is our humanness at work.

I have to remind myself that its OK to be human, its OK to make mistakes, its OK to have to look in the mirror and see our flaws. We are all flawed. So today, I see my flaws, I see where I need to do better, I need to love better, I need to love more, I need to be more grateful for those simple little moments in which I have an opportunity, an opportunity to show someone that I care, and more importantly, that they matter. I also see kindness and willingness in the mirror. It is just as important to see the good as it is the bad. Today I see…


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