I have to preface the title by saying I am not normally so verbal as it relates to some words, however, in this case it is warranted. I said something today in the course of a seemingly innocent but honest interaction. We were speaking of the woes of others, when it came to me, we all have our own shit show, it just depends on the size of the tent.

Our tents are varied in size, sometimes weekly, daily, and even hourly. I find this analogy actually really cool. When our tents are open to the public, we can allow all types of characters in as well as out. One could think of characters as energies as well, both positive and negative. We do have a choice when it comes to the size of our shit show. Allow me elaborate.

We all have a circus in town that plays around in our heads and our hearts. The degree to which we allow things to get to the point of a full blown “greatest shit show on earth”, depends on what we let in and out of our tents. Most tents I know of come with a zipper, one in which we have the ability to let in or out a whole lot of air, or just a little. I am in no way saying that we should be guarded all the time, or wide open all the time. But we should have the presence of mind to see when we need to examine who and what energy we let in.

I love sincere and genuine conversations, and I look for them. To do this requires some openness about our own stuff, good and bad. There are times when another person wants to invite you into what would be the makings of the greatest shit show on earth, that’s when we should have some awareness to zip up our tents a little. That is when we need to decide what energy we can absorb or more importantly, are willing to absorb.

When we absorb too much negative energy, this can have a huge negative impact on the remainder of ones day. Conversely when we see that positive energy come our way, we should be open to allowing that energy in. After all, we can choose the course of our day. We can have a nice little carnival or a full blown circus. Either way the analogy of energy still works. Nice little carnivals are typically exciting, fun, light and airy, while the circus has excitement, fear, doubt, lions, tigers and clowns. I know I don’t want a bunch of clowns in my tent.

So as we go about our daily lives, look for those energies you are drawn to, and then invite them in. See how it changes our mindset or our day. And when we are met with those energies we do not desire, zip up the tent, but be compassionate. Understand they may not know what they are doing, but are simply trying to express something. Maybe they have no one to talk to, or maybe they talk to everybody, either way, may we be understanding of their plight and know when to zip up our tent.

Thank you Kim, for this brief but extremely thought provoking interaction today. I needed it.

© 2020