This is what I wrote to Suzann the night before we got married…She was somewhat traditional so I did not see her until the next morning at our wedding. So I was left with just my thoughts, thoughts that needed to be written, spoken, heard, and understood. When I speak from a place of Love, the words just come to me.

Tomorrow I will make the woman I love my wife. I can’t seem to imagine her not in my life

She always has a smile and a laugh to give, and still finds it in her heart to forgive

Some days she is flighty, and some days she is meek, then there are the days she gives too much and feels weak

It is in those moments where lies the woman I admire, she has those traits that only those can aspire

I know I have found a woman, deep down in my heart, who will never let this world tear us apart

Tomorrow I will honor her, and to her myself. It is through trust and faith in the universe that this can be felt

I spent so long trying to find all the wrong. When I finally saw…it was her that had my heart all along

When I opened my heart and my eyes it was then and only then, that I heard her song

Her song is full of passion, of love, and fate. It moved me so deeply that I knew I could never hate

I have not only love to truly give, and give it freely I shall do, that would be the only thing that I could ever request of you

I admire her, I Love her, I want her, I want to continue on this journey with no one but her

I love you woman, never lose sight of that, even when there are life’s little spats

I give to you all of me, my love, my unwavering loyalty. I may stumble and I may fall, but it is you that will remind me that its ok get back up even if you have to crawl

I look forward to each and every day I have with you, even its little to no words, it’s in these NOW moments when our souls can be heard

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful and humbled to be so blessed with such an amazing, fun, smart, funny, beautiful, loving, caring, giving, and yes adventurous woman

All my Love to you, only you, and always to you, Ken

Copyright 2019